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Reasons to rent your property out privately

Very few properties still rent out for 1% of the purchase price. In fact 0.5% is considered to be good. Take a look at our system and see how easy it is to increase the return on your property (ROI) significantly.

  1. Prospective tenants prefer property leasing directly from you the owner
  2. Private letting generally provides you with higher rental income
  3. More legal tax deductions are available to you
  4. You will save anything from 4% to 15% annually on management fees
  5. Grow your cash flow dramatically
  6. You have full control over the contract
  7. You have better control over the tenants and tenant churn
  8. You will have higher occupation rates
  9. You can do a better screening job
  10. You have control over the deposit
  11. Our proven system will provide you with a very high percentage of OnTimeTM payments
  12. You learn the market movements and so stay better up to date with your investment

Read on to see the effect of these benefits

You can save!

Typically, property managers charge anywhere from 4 percent to 15 percent of the rental income to manage your properties. Let`s assume the following scenario:

  1. Rental Property bought at R500,000
  2. 95% bond over 20 years @ 10% pa
  3. Rental Income R5,000 per month increasing at 5% per year
  4. Letting management cost R500 (10%) per month

By renting your property out yourself and investing the R500 per month in your bond you can reduce your bond more than 5.6 years (see graph).

You will still have expenses but as you are now managing it yourself (as a business), you have a lot more legal tax-deductible options available. Consult your auditor on these.

Repay your bond in 14 years without investing your own money !!!

Reduce Your Bond By 5 Years !!! 

Reduce bond payments

The normal bond value over the period is represented by the red line.

The value of the bond with the management fee reinvested over time is represented by the blue line.


How much money will you really save?

The value of the money (R500 per month growing at 5% per year in this example) you pay to a property manager is worth more than what you think.

YOU CAN save 40% of the capital cost of the property in interest over the period of the bond (see graph).

Yes, you CAN save R204,976 interest on a R500,000 bond by using our system !!!

Pay less interest

Investors can grow money faster!

How will this picture change if you take the R500 per month savings on management cost and reinvest this in another property that provides growth of 40% per year on your investment?

From the graph on the right you can see that your effort to manage this single rental property yourself can provide you with more than R40,000,000 (that is forty million) over the 20 year period. Just think how much more you can have if you have 10 such properties.

Read on to understand the benefits of subscribing

Reinvest your savings

Still do not believe?

Perhaps you are still not convinced about the value of saving 10% of your rental income. Perhaps you do not believe my calculations and graphs.Download a Review of the classic by George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon. Its simply is the most inspiring book on wealth ever written.

Study Arkads "Seven Cures for a Lean Purse":

  1. Start thy purse to fattening
  2. Control thy expenditures
  3. Make thy gold multiply
  4. Guard thy treasures from loss
  5. Make of the dwelling a profitable investment
  6. Insure a future income
  7. Increase thy ability to earn

Learn with Nomasir, Arkads son, "The five laws of gold":

  1. Gold cometh gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put by not less that one-tenth of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family
  2. Gold laboreth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field
  3. Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advise of wise men in its handling
  4. Gold slippeth away from the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by those skilled in its keeping
  5.  Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who followeth  the advise of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment

and you will also want to join me on the road to successful property letting.

Read on to understand the benefits of subscribing



Dear visitor,

My name is Gideon Le Roux and this system is the culmination of everything I have learned since I started as a part time rental property manager for my own property portfolio in 2001. Initially I used professional property managers but paying almost R8000.00 per month just did not feel right.

After a few calculations (as explained above) it became clear to me that this was costing me a lot more than I thought. Classic and timeless teachings in "The Richest Man in Babylon" confirmed my suspicions. I began exploring the options to manage my properties privately. This was not easy at first as very little material was available, I had to do it part time and I did not know anything about rental property management.

Today this picture has changed completely and we have learned a lot about this business.  I still manage my properties privately on a part time basis. With very good rental income and occupation rates in excess of 99% our investments (and cash flow) are growing dramatically. I really enjoy it, and more often than not, being able to assist people who are looking for rental accommodation, leave me with a great sense of satisfaction. All this knowledge and experience have been built into our PrivateLetting system. The PrivateLetting system consists of different websites ( and

Have a look at what PrivateLessor offers. It is aimed at people who also want to save (and grow their gold)  by managing their own rental properties privately. I use the PrivateLessor system for my own rental property management and we are expanding the functionality all the time. Below is a more detailed explanation of how the system works. Do not forget to take a look at the videos on the functionality of the lettingOffice system. Also check out what some of our members have to say about the system (listed on the right hand side) and let me know what you think of it by making use of the Feedback link in the left hand menu.

Successful Letting,

Gideon Le Roux

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Are you in control of your investment?

According to Robert Kiyosaki (from Rich Dad Poor Dad) you have to stay in control of your investments, cash flow etc. To what extend will you be in control when you have handed your properties over to property managers? Will you be in control of:

  1. who gets to stay in your property and who not?
  2. how your investment is being looked after?
  3. mandate to let terms and conditions?
  4. the rental contract?
  5. the contract terms (does it protect the property manager more than you or the tenants)?
  6. your rental income?
  7. the occupation rates?
  8. maintenance companies and the associated costs?

My own experience from property managers has not been great. Interestingly, more that 80% of the tenants that I have interviewed over time feel the same way. We assist you with a system to manage your own property portfolio and tenants in a professional way. As with anything in life, the more organized you are, the more you can take on. And the more you can take on, the more money you can make.

We provide a complete system for managing your entities, complexes, properties, tenants and contracts, that comprises of Rental Basics, Office and the Rental Rates system.


Rental Basics


Rental process

Rental Property Process

  • Gain insight into the best practises and correct rental process of
    • Marketing,
    • Screening,
    • Signing,
    • Managing and
    • Termination.
  • Pro Forma rental contracts (updated 16 April 2008) and templates.
  • Tips and secrets by the experts.
  • A knowledge base that will keep you informed of the most relevant legal issues for your business.



Detail processes

Detail rental processes

  • Fast-track your rental organization with our
    • Detail process diagrams
    • Process flows (with time indications)
    • Handover touch points 
    • Drill-down (clickable) process steps
    • Step-by-step instructions

Office system

The LettingOffice is the heart of the PrivateLessor system. It puts you in control of your properties, tenants and contracts by providing a virtual office that you can use from your home, office, internet cafés or anywhere with an internet connection. Take a look at the short introduction video of the functionality of the LettingOffice system.

Online Rental Office video

For more videos on the functionality of the PrivateLessor systemCLICK HERE


PrivateLessor system

Online Rental Office System

  • Your own online database system for managing your
    • Financial entities
    • Properties
    • Tenants
    • Contracts
  • Exception reporting and early warning systems
  • Advertise your properties for FREE on
  • Access to our list of people looking for rental properties

Click on image for bigger view orCLICK HERE for a video overview on the PrivateLessor system


PrivateLessor documents

Online Rental Contracts

  • Ready to use contracts and templates
  • Pre-populated documents for quick response
  • Online PrivateLetting editor for creation of notices
  • Property fault reporting and tracking system
  • Letting Log for tracking correspondences

Click on image for bigger view



PrivateLetting PDF writer

Electronic rental contracts and notices


  • Your FREE PrivateLessor PDF writer for creation of
    • Electronic contracts
    • Electronic notices
    • Electronic statements
  • Replace a paper based office with an electronic paperless office
  • Merge two PDF documents into one PDF document

PrivateLetting portal

Online Rental advertisements

  • The PrivateLetting portal with secure tenants access
  • Tenant contact details compliance system 
  • Tenant compliance system for house rules
  • Access to relevant property documentation for your tenants
  • Access to electronic rental contract for your tenants
  • Property services information and finishing specifications
  • Online Fault reporting and tracking system for your tenants
  • Online access to the Letting Log system

Rental Rates system


Rental rate information

  • Discover what rental to expect on your rental properties
  • Stay up to date with rental trends in South Africa
  • Enhance your investment decision
  • Empower yourself with knowledge before negotiating contracts
  • Re-evaluate your investment performance on an ongoing basis
  • Make informed decisions before selling your property
  • Compare rental performance against other economic indicators (CPI, CPIX and Prime)




Registered users stay in control of their investment properties and rental income with our system.

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How do you determine the return on your investment?

The ROI (Return On Investment) of your properties are influenced by many factors. Two of the important ones are the expected rental income and interest rate payments. Use our Rental Rate information before you invest in rental properties to determine your ROI (Return On Investment) with the Property School software. Registered users have access to our database of Rental Rates in South Africa. Our data is based upon research from April 2004 and is constantly being updated. The size of our database is indicated by the number on the left hand side. We collect and process more than 5000 rental records per month.

You will gain inside knowledge into the Rental Rates and trends of the residential property market. Rental Rates are provided per date, location, type and size of property. Within seconds you will have access to what your property`s potential rental income could be.

The Prime interest rate for the past 55 years was as follows (click on image for bigger picture):

Prime Interest Rate of South Africa

Click on the Rental Rate Records link to unlock the value of the Rental Rates system.

You stand to gain thousands of Rands with our inside knowledge of Rental Rates and trends in South Africa.

The correlation between Prime Interest Rate and the Absa House Price Index is depicted below (click on image for bigger picture):

Prime Interest Rate and ABSA House Price Index correlation

The correlation between Prime Interest Rate and the Standard Bank House Price Growth Rate is depicted below (click on image for bigger picture):

Prime Interest Rate and Standard Bank House Price Growth Rate correlation

Property Tax Calculator

Property taxes are one of those fixed monthly expenses for every property owner. Click here to get a Property Tax Calculator with links to the valuation websites of the major cities in South Africa.

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Where do you find tenants?

Many ways exist to advertise your property. The best channel will depend on your target group, area and type of property for rent. Know your target audience and you will know what they are reading and where they will be looking:
  1. PrivateLetting sign boards
  2. PrivateLetting website
  3. Newspapers
  4. Flyers
  5. Community Bulletin boards

You will get all the information on these channels with free examples, templates and contact details.

Get the highly successful sign boards

Advertisement boards

  • Order your custom made sign boards from us
  • Discover how successful our PrivateLetting sign boards are

Register your properties with us once only; we will keep your information on the system and you never have to register it again, saving you time and money. You can store more that 200 fields of information on each of your properties.

Advertise online for free

Rental properties

  • Your properties are advertised with a lot of detail online for free (and automatically) on
  • Prospective tenants can complete an online application
  • You will be able to respond quickly and professionally to all situations as we allow you to create letters, notices and contracts with all the information already completed!


Registered users have access to Office with an online website and lots of secrets on all these marketing channels.

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How do you find the right tenant?

Getting as much information as possible while you are in the "honeymoon period" of the relationship with your tenant is very important. Normally tenants do not have a problem to give you any information you ask for. This information is not only important for screening the prospects but could also be very important when things go wrong in the future. Take note of the following very important points in your selection process.

  1. Select your tenants with care – do your homework.
  2. Get the right tenant mix; elderly people and couples with young children usually don’t mix well.
  3. Make sure that their rent does not exceed 35% of their income – ask them for a salary slip to verify this.
  4. They must be able to provide proof of their income to you.
  5. Do a credit check on every prospective tenant. 
  6. Get a deposit of at least one month’s rent but preferably two or three month’s rent as well as the first month’s rent up-front.
  7. Limit the number of occupants. State the maximum number of occupants in the contract.
  8. Find out where the tenants come from - get referrals to previous Lessors they rented from.
  9. You can avoid most lease problems with your tenant through a good relationship based upon business principles.
  10. Do not fall for sad stories – remember this is your business.

Tips are shared on how to pre-screen your prospective tenants on the first call. This will avoid many fruitless trips to meet unsuitable tenants.

Various templates are ready and available to registered Lessors to assist you to start leasing your properties in a very professional way.

Office is extended with various templates, insider tips and tricks to let you find and select the best possible tenants.

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How do you ensure that you get your rental?

Ensuring that you have regular OnTimetm payments start with the first contact with the prospective tenant. Our process will assist you from the first call, to the appointment, the tenant application, the screening, the correct contract and the monthly statements to ensure you render a professional service. 

Have a system in place: Send monthly statements and when rent is overdue, contact them to point it out and to remind them of their contractual obligations. It is easier to "forget" paying if you are not reminded as opposed to being reminded constantly.

Our contract has build-in incentives ensuring your tenants want to pay OnTimetm.

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What about eviction?

One of the toughest things you may ever need to do as a lessor is to evict a tenant. Usually this will come only after increasingly acrimonious relations with the tenant. Thus, if it has become apparent that you are facing a losing battle in terms of getting payments from them, then it will be necessary to act quickly, decisively, and firmly.

Although it may be a tough process, you do not want to end up in a position where you provide the tenant with free accommodation for a long time because you took a shortcut on some eviction rules (even how wrong that rule may seem to you). One advantage of evicting someone is that word soon spreads like wildfire that you evict for non-payment, and your rent collection rate will go up dramatically. The specifics of the eviction process applicable in South Africa is explained in the Termination section available to registered Lessors.

Having said all that, experience have shown that you will only need to evict a small percentage of tenants.

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What about all the legal stuff?

Written contracts have to be signed by both parties (Lessor and Lessee) with two witnesses each. Each page of the contract and any addendums have to be initialled by all as well. Paragraphs, sections and sentences not relevant between you and your tenant can be deleted by drawing a line through it. Both parties must initial all and any alterations. If somebody signs a rental contract on behalf of a trust or company or CC written resolution signed by all trustees or directors or members giving the signee “permission” to sign on behalf of the entity is required. Without this written permission the contract is null and void

A lease need not be in writing. If however, the tenant requested it to be in writing, the landlord is obliged to do so in terms of the HRA (House Rental Act).

The HRA lists 15 areas to be covered in every lease. These are enforceable by a court. These exceed any other contract between the parties – they are binding even if they are not in the contract between the parties, so it is probably best to include them in any contract.

For example, both parties must jointly inspect the premises before and at the end of the lease. If the landlord fails to inspect the premises with the tenant, it is deemed to be an acknowledgement by the landlord that the premises are in a good and proper state of repair. It is required to complete and attach a list of defects signed by both parties to the contact. It is important that Lessors understand and comply with the specific clauses in the Housing Rental Act, Chapter 5, clause 3e-j, clause 4 and 7. Failure to do that, may invalidate any claims the Lessor has against the deposit. Our Property Inspection report allows you to record the state of the property at the beginning and end on the same page. It is also possible to take digital photographs or even a video of the rooms before occupation and store them for proof if need be.

Another good hint is to transfer the maintenance and repair duties to your tenants. How? When you rent out the property again, advertise the rent R100.00 or so higher than you expect to get. While showing the property, let the prospective tenant know that if they are willing to pay the first R100.00 of any repair, and the rent is paid on time, then they can receive a R100.00 discount off of the rent each and every month. This will eliminate all the little repairs that take so much of your time, and will encourage your tenant to pay promptly.

The HRA prohibits you to increase the rent if the interest rates go up, but you can include a rent increase linked to any increase on the levy or rates and taxes.

Remember to monitor the tenant’s payment and your property regularly. It often happens that people assume that the tenant is paying into the bond, only to find the bank repossessing the property after six months of non-payment. You remain liable and so you must check the payments.

The unfair practices regulation applicable in the province may prohibit the inclusion of certain clauses in written lease agreements. In Gauteng some very specific regulations are in place.

Ready-to-use, automatically completed lease agreements (English and Afrikaans) will make your life easier and are included in Office for registered Lessors.

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How do I choose the right entity for my investments?

Property investment is a long term investment and with high growth potential (both on income and capital gains) careful consideration should be given on the entities to be used. Depending on your particular situation and expectations different scenarios will produce better results. From property speculation to property as part of a retirement plan you have to be aware of the different risks, returns and tax liabilities and how to plan best for it. Some forms of tax that you have to plan for include: property transfer duty, income tax, secondary tax on Companies (STC), value added tax (VAT), capital gains tax (CGT) and estate duty (tax). Changes in the legislation from time to time can affect the way your properties are protected and  taxed. E.g. It was always possible to avoid paying transfer duties on properties by buying the Company, Close Corporation or Trust instead of buying the property from the entity into your name or the entity you nominated. A change in legislation in December 2002 has put a stop to this practice.

You will get more detail on the advantages and disadvantages of the various Structures.

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Where will you get help if you`re stuck?

You will be able to send your burning questions to our team of experts. These are professional people (property, legal and financial) that are in the property letting business with many years of experience. The most common questions will be addressed in the F.A.Q. section and on every page you have the option to give us feedback so that we can improve the information and services. More than 20 contracts, templates or examples are available in Office with all the information to assist you every step of the process.

The information on this site has been verified by our lawyer Dries Visser. Dries can be contacted at (012) 365-3314. His email address is

Send us your burning questions from inside Office.

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You will get it all!

Novice and professional investors alike are benefiting from this service. From the basic steps of marketing, screening, signing, managing and terminating lease agreements to strategies on financial structures and tips on how to create tax-free money in property is shared with registered users. With Office all your property, tenant and contract information is online, securely stored and available on the Internet. The Rental Rates and Blacklist services complete your virtual rental Office.

I want to become part of this experience; PLEASE REGISTER ME NOW!


18 December 2014
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Great Website

Well Done on your website. .I am sure to make use of it a lot. Luis

Rental Rates Rock

Your Rental Rates page is fantastic! This is definitely a value-adding service. Well done! Clynton

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Baie dankie vir `n uitstekende eienaar – huurder stelsel. Marius

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WOW, thanks a lot for having packaged all this information on one easy to find site. This is fantastic. Celeste

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What great professionals you are, many thanks!

I will surely recommend you to everyone I know; Matt

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Julle het al die raad wat ons in hierdie verband benodig.
Na alles wat ons gehoor het en in die koerante gelees het wat met die verhuurders kan gebeur weens 'n swak deurdagte kontrak, voel ons geweldig senuagtig oor hierdie proses. Dankie tog aan PrivateLessor en PrivateLetting. Julle kom soos manna uit die hemel. Martin

Uitstekende website!

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Jou website is uitstekend en ek baat baie daarby. Hou aan met die goeie werk. Groete Marais


Some of my rental properties are on the other side of town. I recently went over to put up some advertisement boards. While being busy I received a call from someone requesting to view a property.
As it was during a weekday I did not expect calls and was not organized to show the property or sign any contracts. I did not have application forms, contracts or anything with me. They showed interest in my property but still had another appointment and asked me if I would wait for them.
About 30 minutes later they were back, their minds made up, and ready to sign up for a year. Under normal circumstances I might have lost the deal. However, we went to the nearest Internet café where I logged onto my PrivateLessor system. The tenants completed their tenant information online and within 20 minutes the information was captured, the contract printed and signed and the money (deposit + first month rental) in the bank. The Internet café cost was R17-00.
I showed them the PrivateLetting system (with their username and password) where they could get all the contact information and property management details.
This couple just came back from a 6-year stay in England and was stunned with this service. ‘Seems that South Africa has come a long way in the past 6 years’ is all they could say. Thanks. Juan

Rental Rates Great

I have attended the one day Property Workshop and this is flowing there from. I am speechless with the power of this medium. I can foresee that this is going to make my investment life so much easier and fruitful. Thanks for exposing these tools to me. Arthur

Confident Landlord

I recently bought my first property which was not too difficult but then I wanted to lease it. This was stressful because I had no experience and knowledge relating to the rental market and associated admin and legal issues. I was also not prepared to give 10-12% of my monthly rental income to an agent and lose control over my investment. Remember this is my first Buy to Let property and I am a keen student of property investment and wealth creation which means that I want to learn everything about property and at the same time have full control over my assets.
Through my
property studies I learned about PrivateLessor and decided to give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised with their comprehensive system that complied fully with all my requirements and more importantly I can vouch that their support and response times are VERY GOOD – Try them!
After a few weeks I have now successfully
leased my first property having full control over the contract, receiving a higher rental income, and I am a confident Landlord with a “mobile electronic office” fully supported by the PrivateLessor team. Gert

Web ads do work!

I have always been sceptical about the success of advertising rental properties on the web. Well, I have just signed the contract for a new tenant in Centurion. I neglected the marketing a bit (only PrivateLetting web and one board) and on asking him where and how he heard of the property he responded that he used Google to look for rental properties. Google referred him to PrivateLetting where he saw my property. After he signed the contract, I activated his account on PrivateLessor and showed him how he as a tenant can now log onto PrivateLetting. He was very impressed with it all, while I am very impressed to see that web advertising actually does work. Thanks for this wonderful system. Marie

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